To charge your Tesla Model 3, you can use applications below:

Use the Tesla Superchargers Network Map: Tesla provides a map on their official website where you can check the locations of Superchargers. These fast-charging stations are specifically designed for Tesla vehicles and can provide a significant amount of charge in a short amount of time.

  1. Gremo na Elektriko: This is a useful application in Slovenia that provides information about charging stations, including their availability and prices.
  2. Petrol OneCharge: The Petrol OneCharge application in Slovenia also offers information about charging stations that you can use for your Tesla.

  1. Petrol OneCharge: Similar to Slovenia, the Petrol application in Croatia can help you find charging stations for your Tesla.
  2. Espots Croatia: Another application in Croatia that provides information on charging stations. You can use this app to locate additional charging options.

Mobility App (iOS, Android) : In Hungary, the Mobility App is useful for finding charging stations for your Tesla.

Renting houses in small villages:
If you plan to rent houses in small villages, many accommodations offer the option to charge electric vehicles using a standard 220V outlet. You can use the Juice Booster tool, provided with every Tesla car, which allows you to charge from various types of outlets.

PlugShare application (iOS, Android):
Explore the PlugShare application, which provides a comprehensive database of charging stations across Europe. This app includes information on both CCS (Combined Charging System) chargers and Type 2 chargers, which can be useful for your travels.

A Better Routeplanner (iOS, Android):
Use the A Better Routeplanner application to get a full trip plan, including charge stops and trip duration. This app will help you plan your route efficiently and ensure you have the necessary charging stops along the way.

By using these resources and planning your routes ahead of time, you can have a worry-free journey with Tesla Model 3, knowing where and how to charge your vehicle.