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Rent a Tesla in Croatia

Benefits of renting a Tesla.

100% electric,
zero emission
Tesla Supercharger network
Long driving range (500 km)
Partial autopilot:
-- adaptive cruise control -- lane control
Built-in navigation with indication of traffic jams in real time
Acceleration in 5 seconds to 100 km/h
-- Panoramic roof,
-- premium interior,
-- spacious trunk
All-wheels drive and high ground clearance
Tesla car rental in Croatia

About rent.

Rent a Tesla car and elevate your driving experience to a superior level of comfort and pleasure. With its panoramic roof, you can enjoy breathtaking views of majestic mountains and picturesque landscapes. Whether you encounter rain or shine, the all-wheel drive will instill confidence in any weather condition.

What sets a Tesla car apart from other electric cars is its powerful battery, providing the longest range of approximately 400—500 km. Along your journey, you'll find a lot of charging stations throughout Croatia ensuring your trip is worry-free and cost-effective.

When you rent a Tesla car, you'll benefit from the built-in navigation system, offering real-time traffic updates to navigate around jams seamlessly. A Tesla guides you through the fastest and most efficient routes, ensuring an unforgettable journey with every mile.

The quiet and eco-friendly electric motors contribute to a serene cabin ambiance, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the driving experience of the car. Plus, with a spacious trunk, you can easily accommodate two suitcases, and by folding down the rear seats, you'll have room for everything you need on your adventure.

For your convenience, we are delighted to deliver a Tesla to you anywhere in Croatia. Don't miss out on the opportunity to rent a Tesla and unlock a world of unparalleled enjoyment and sustainable travel. Explore Croatia with the utmost ease and comfort when you rent a Tesla today.

Our Prices.

Short-term travel.
  • Rent a Tesla
  • Less Than 5 days
  • + Full Insurance
  • + Unlimited Mileage
  • + Charging Tools For 220V/380V
from €110 / day
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Long-term travel.
  • Rent a Tesla
  • From 6 Days And More
  • + Full Insurance
  • + Unlimited Mileage
  • + Charging Tools For 220V/380V
from €90 / day
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Monthly Rental.
  • Rent a Tesla
  • For One Month
  • + Full Insurance
  • + Unlimited Mileage
  • + Charging Tools For 220V/380V
from €2500 / month
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Feedback from our clients.

Chun-Yu Wong
Renting a Tesla from Electrodrive was a game-changer! The seamless process, combined with the exhilarating driving experience and eco-friendly features, made our week trip in Croatia unforgettable.
David Reynolds
Electrodrive's Tesla rent for a weekend exceeded all expectations! The car was immaculate, and the long-range capabilities allowed us to explore without any worries about charging. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a premium and sustainable driving experience.
Sarah Anderson
We had a Tesla for our wedding, and it was an absolute show-stopper! The elegant design and smooth performance made our special day even more memorable.
Alejandro Martinez
Renting a Tesla from Electrodrive for a week was the highlight of our vacation! From the eco-conscious perks to the cutting-edge technology, the experience left us eager to go electric when we return home.
Sofia Conti
The Tesla rent from Electrodrive made our business trip a breeze. The advanced safety features and autopilot made driving stress-free, while the eco-friendly nature aligned perfectly with our company's sustainability goals.
Emily Roberts
Our family monthly road trip was a blast with Electrodrive's Tesla rent. The kids loved the futuristic interior, and we appreciated the convenience of the Supercharger network for quick charging during our journey.
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Tesla interior